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23,808 homeless people in Iowa

I was reading the Quad Cities times online and found this story about homeless people in Iowa.

The report was done by the Iowa Institute for Community Alliances found there were 23,808 homeless people in the state and 15,351 people classified as “at risk” to become homeless during 2009.

Apparently there are 23,808 homeless people in Iowa. My idea? Setup more homeless shelters. Or setup some more campgrounds and offer everybody a free tent. If they had some bathrooms, showers, maybe it could help people get on their feet. Except in the winter time… I don’t think camping would work that great. Good luck to those people and I hope the numbers decrease next year. Throw in a free suit and tie and maybe that’ll help them with job interviews.

Designing & Decorating a Patio Today

Designing & Decorating a Patio Today // by: Dakota Caudilla

When it comes to decorating a patio, old rules no longer apply. Patios used to be just a place where you place a couple of chairs, a table, a table lamp and some potted plants. But times have changed and so have the rules on patio living today. Today, the patio can be transformed into just about anything…including a family room, a star-gazing section for families or couples, a reading place, a garden, a green house…anything you want!

With the growing interest in developing and designing patios into more than what they used to be, the variety of furniture for patios have also evolved and grown into a whole industry by itself. The growth of the patio furniture industry is further encouraged by the fact that many more Americans spend time lazing around on their specifically designed patios. In fact, some people consider their patios their secret sanctuary. Linda Gravel says that she designed her patio to be almost completely soundproof and with little windows opening out so that the air from outside can seep in. Gravel uses her patio for Yoga and Tai-Chi practices. In the meantime, Geoffrey Alberton designed his patio to accommodate his love for the outdoors and traveling. “This is where I place all the plants in the house, pictures of my traveling expeditions. In fact, I place ornaments and special souvenir items from all around the world in my special patio”, he says with a sheepish smile.

For people like Alberton and Gravel, the patio of the home has been turned into their own private sanctuary where they can relax and be themselves.

In fact, it makes perfect sense to make full use of the backyard for things that we enjoy and love doing. Some people turn their patios into swimming pools or gyms. Stargazers can also turn their patios into a place where they can lounge around with their eyes glued to the telescope. The trend of having personal patios is a direct result of deepening interests in cocooning. Cocooning is a trend that affects most Americans today and it is starting to spread too, to other parts of the world. This is phenomenon where people are starting to create their own personal patio space for themselves and prefer to lead a more casual lifestyle. Young adults prefer to stay home on their private little patios doing something they love and the aging population is starting to create and design patios to suit their restful lifestyles.

Health conscious individuals either turn their patios into mini gyms or health spas. For example, you can design and decorate your patio in such a way that it inspires deep meditation or a place for dance. Garden-lovers can turn their patios into a field of greens. It’s all about what you like as an individual. For those with families, they can use the patio as a family area where board games are played or a place where all the family members get together to listen to some peaceful music or simply laze around.

In fact, with a little bit of focus and imagination, you can literally turn your patio into ANYTHING you want!
About The Author

Dakota Caudilla, journalist, and website builder Dakota Caudilla lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

How to remove ICQ default search in FF

How to remove ICQ default search in FireFox

I installed ICQ 7 the other (ICQ 7.2) and it took over my PC a little. It installed a toolbar for FireFox and Internet Explorer and also set itself as the default search engine. To remove it I went into my control panel, clicked on Programs and Features, removed the ICQ Toolbar. But ICQ was still the default search when I typed something in the address bar (instead of the search bar). So I searched and searched and found the solution here.

To remove ICQ toolbar from FireFox

  1. go to Tools->Addons and find the ICQ Toolbar and uninstall it.

To change the FireFox search back to normal:

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Type about:config in the address bar
  3. Type keyword.URL to find the entry
  4. Change that entry to to return to the normal google search. (keyword.URL currently shows

You can change the default search URL to anything you want instead of Google. Here’s more info about the FireFox keyword.URL

Texting while driving in Iowa – ILLEGAL!

It’s now illegal to text while driving in the state of Iowa. Iowa and Nebraska are now joining 26 other states and the District of Colombia with laws banning texting while driving.

I’m unsure of the fine though. According to the lacrossetribune you’re going to get bitch slapped with a $30 fine. Watch out! But reports “In Iowa, the first year will result in a warning, followed next year by a $100 fine.”

If using the cell phone and texting is causing deaths, then why not follow Nebraska with their more strict enforcement of this law ”

In Nebraska, there is no grace period. First offense drivers face a $200 fine, second offense $300 and third offense a $500 fine. Three points are also taken off a driver’s license in Nebraska.

And wear a seat belt.

Gmail and their 2GB storage – OOPS!

I used to use my web hosting account to do email, but then I started using Gmail when it first launched. .

In the beginning I used a ton of space! Here’s the message from back then:

You are currently using 1886 MB (71%) of your 2658 MB.
Showing message 1 of 244119


Now I’m using more, but getting more. Here are my stats today.

You are currently using 3631 MB (48%) of your 7555 MB.

If you’re looking for control over your email instead of going through a 3rd party, check out the HostGator Review and other web hosting reviews to find a hosting company that fits your needs.

Windows Mobility Center is available only for laptops!?

I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop and I got an error today “Windows Mobility Center is available only for laptops” which made me go “whaaaaaaaaaaat?” because I am using a laptop. Well I found out the problem is due to the fact that I removed my battery from my notebook (or laptop, however you want to call it). You can also have this problem if your laptop is plugged into a UPS too. Here’s a quote from their site.

This issue may occur if the following conditions are true:

  • The computer is plugged into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • The battery has been removed from the computer.

When these conditions are true, the computer’s role may be set incorrectly in the BIOS.

Iowa Mortgage

What to Expect When Buying a Home in Iowa

Maybe you’re buying your first home in Iowa, or perhaps you’re relocating to Iowa from another state. Either way, it’s important that you educate yourself on Iowa home loans before shopping

for a home and mortgage. This article explains what you’ll need to know before buying a home in Iowa:

The median home value in the state of Iowa is $82,500. Current interest rates in Iowa are above the national average, and job growth rates are below the national average.

In the state of Iowa, purchase transactions on sub-prime loans are subject to a $30,000 minimum. Additionally, if you live in Iowa and file bankruptcy, you do not necessarily have to forfeit your home. If you have been current on your payments and continue to be, state law does not require you to surrender your home.

If you’re buying a home in southern Iowa, you qualify for state FHA loans through the Southern Iowa Home Ownership Program. First-time home buyers qualify for loans with below-market interest rates and down payment assistance. Borrowers must meet certain income requirements and specific guidelines, and must purchase a home in a southern Iowa county: Appanoose, Davis, Jefferson, Keokuk, Lucas, Mahaska, Monroe, Van Buren Wapello, or Wayne.

These loans are revolving, so there are only a specific number that can be given out at any period of time. When a person with a FHA loan through this program sells their home or refinances it, then their loan is made available to another qualified applicant.

About the Author

Jessica Elliott recommends that you visit Mortgage Lenders for more information about on the mortgage lending process.

Playing the Iowa Lottery

Though the odds are not necessarily in your favor, there is always a possibility that you can hit the jackpot with Iowa Powerball. Even though your odds are not great, you still have just as much of a chance at winning per ticket than anyone else. The Iowa Powerball lottery game involves choosing six different numbers. Five of these numbers must range from one to fifty-five, and the sixth number, the Powerball number, must fall between one and forty-two.

The rules of the game are simple. If you get all six Iowa Power Ball numbers correct, you win the jackpot. This is a really big deal, considering that it has been more than six hundred million dollars in the past! Jackpots can get so large because Power ball lottery game tickets are sold in twenty-seven different states, making it the largest multi-state lottery in the country. The Iowa Powerball lottery jackpot builds from one drawing to the next, and if there is no winner of a drawing, the jackpot amount rolls over. This means that a single winner could win more money from the Iowa Power Ball lottery than he or she could ever imagine.

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Is Coffee Healthy?

Considering all the past concern about possible health risks from drinking coffee, newer reports of coffee’s possible protective effects may leave many people confused.

Overall, recent studies suggest that coffee (regular and decaffeinated) may offer a variety of health benefits against diseases such as cancer and diabetes. However, coffee may not deserve a place in the same category with other healthful foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Laboratory studies suggest that the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compounds in coffee could help reduce risk of cancer. Coffee also has a tendency to speed the passage of waste through the digestive tract. Potentially, this may lessen the time that cancer-causing compounds spend in contact with the intestinal tract, which could reduce the risk of colon cancer. Population studies, however, tend to split between coffee intake having no effect on or reducing risk of breast and colon cancer.

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Iowa Payroll Law and Practice

he Iowa State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of State income taxes deducted from payroll checks is:

Department of Revenue Income Tax Division Hoover State Office Bldg. P.O. Box 10457 Des Moines, IA 50306-0457 (515) 281-3114 (800) 367-3388 (in state)

Iowa requires that you use Iowa form “IA W-4, Centralized Employee Registry Reporting Form/Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate” instead of a Federal W-4 Form for Iowa State Income Tax Withholding.

Not all states allow salary reductions made under Section 125 cafeteria plans or 401(k) to be treated in the same manner as the IRS code allows. In Iowa cafeteria plans are not taxable for income tax calculation; taxable for unemployment insurance purposes. 401(k) plan deferrals are not taxable for income taxes; taxable for unemployment purposes.

In Iowa supplemental wages are taxed at a 6% flat rate.

State W-2s are not applicable in the state of Iowa.

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Romantic Destinations in Iowa

When you first think of romance, Iowa might not come to mind. In truth, romantic destinations in Iowa are excellent and show you a beautiful hidden side of this underappreciated state.

Romantic Destinations in Iowa

The Hawkeye State, Iowa, holds much more beauty than a lot of travelers give it credit for. There are ten different travel areas for tourists to explore when they come to this state, from the Northwest area (where you can follow the path of historic explorers Louis and Clark) to the Southeast area that boasts of containing the world’s “crookedest” street. Lovers will also find much to do here, such as solitary hiking and just holing up in a room and enjoying each other’s company – romantic destinations in Iowa are enjoyable for everyone!

Romantic Destinations

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Hypnosis for quitting smoking

Smoking is hazardous to health. We all know it. However, there are many people who start smoking even after knowing that it is not good for health. It is very easy to start smoking. Anybody from a chain smoker to one who smokes occasionally or just a few cigarettes every day will tell you this. When it comes to quitting smoking, one has to be extra careful and work upon the will power.

Smoking is so widespread and common that some people find it hard to believe that there are actually treatment centers for those who want to give up this vice, just like there are centers for alcohol rehabilitation for alcoholics.

A person can stop smoking for some days. However, the urge of having a fag is so strong that it is very difficult stay away from it. Here, you tend to get back to square one even after you decide to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is a process that has made a great impact on smoking. Most people who have tried it, agree that hypnosis can help quitting smoking.

When quitting smoking, one faces mood swings, lethargy and intense craving that are hard to resist. Hence, when you want to quit smoking, you need to take help of a hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist will help you come out of the blues you experience when quitting smoking.

If you are a chain smoker or smoke occasionally, you can take help of a hypnotherapist to quite smoking. Here, you are able to get into a state of dream where you get a feeling of relaxation from head to toe. When undergoing a hypnotherapy, a person easily responds to suggestions. A hypnotherapy uses several positive suggest that may help a patient to curb his cravings for cigaretters. The reason is that on tends to get relaxed after hypnosis and feels less stress. When you tend to be free of stress, you don’t crave for cigarettes.

There are many people who don’t agree that hypnosis can help quit smoking. They think that during the period of the treatment, the patient is easily able to control his urge to smoke however, the moment the treatment is over, the urge to smoke arises again. However, this has not affected the popularity of hypnotherapy as a solution to quit smoking. You would find many hypnotherapists practicing hypnotherapy for quitting smoking. Iowa and Indiana have maximum number of hypnotherapy clinics.

The most important thing to take care of is that your will power to stay away from the cigarettes need to be combined with hypnotherapy. In short, hypnosis for quitting smoking will only help you if you want to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is not a new concept. It is a state of mind where you tend to take suggestions and advice easily. You are ready to respond to whatever treatment is give to you.

Many people have claimed that hypnosis has worked for them. Hypnotists use several methods to help their clients quit smoking. One of the most popular methods is where they may tell a person to relate smoking cigarettes with an extremely bad smell. They also associate the thoughts of smoking with a positive anti smoking message.

If you want an instant fix to your problem, hypnosis may not help but the therapy can help you cultivate a strong desire to succeed.

About the Author

frank j vanderlugt owns and operates You Will Quit

Weird Drinking Laws

The United States has its fair share of weird laws (what is up with having to pay taxes?), but there are few laws that achieve the level of oddness that certain American drinking laws attain. Underage folks may find the “21 and over” rule to be weird. People wanting to buy beer seven days a week may find the fact that liquor stores are closed on Sundays in many states to be strange. There is a wealth of addiction treatment information available online for all types of addictions, from cocaine to nicotine. Those who like to stroll around a park with an uncorked bottle of wine may find it bizarre that open containers of alcohol aren’t allowed in many areas. But, the oddness that the above laws emit is nothing compared to the peculiarities of those below:

Don’t use the “R” word: According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BAFT), the word “refreshing” can’t be utilized when describing alcohol beverages. That forces us, the alcohol consumers, to describe beer as brisk, gin as invigorating, and wine as reviving. That’s right BAFT, we have a thesaurus.

Drinking Laws

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50 Fabulous Places to Retire in America

Retirement has its joys and pains, but if you’re ready and equipped for it, retirement should be your chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do and live in a town you’ve always wanted to be in. It you’re getting ready to retire, here is a list of the 50 most fabulous places to retire in America in no particular order:

1 to 8. Alabama has not one, not two but eight fabulous places to retire in America – Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan and Decatur offer the best of ‘Bama.

9 to 10. California is fabulous in many ways, thanks to lots of sun, beaches and plenty of things to do; all these things and more that you can do in San Diego and Paso Robles.

11 to 13. When people think of retirement, Florida is never far from their mind. So if you want to find a fabulous place for retirement, go Gainesville, Tallahassee or Sarasota.

14 to 17. Washington has Spokane, Lexington and Walla Walla, three fabulous places to retire in. Spokane is a large city for retirees but it sure offers plenty in terms of affordability. Lexington is gaining popularity and Walla Walla was voted one of the best places for retirees in 2006, so there’s your cue. Don’t forget Bellingham, a nature lover’s dream place.

18. Portsmouth in New Hampshire has the honor of being one of the 10 places in America that’s considered safest, so consider retiring here.

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Iowa RV Facilities

In many ways, Iowa is the state where you can step back and experience a more traditional America. You can soak in the atmosphere at any of these Iowa RV facilities.

Iowa RV Facilities

A trip to Iowa can bring many unexpected pleasures. The great outdoors are found in abundance here, with activities ranging from hiking and skiing to fishing and bike trails galore. If you enjoy spending time in the woods, or just seeing nature’s beauty, you will find it all here in Iowa. Easily reachable from much of the Midwest, Iowa is a perfect place to take your recreational vehicle for a family trip. Hop on one of the historic routes and byways designated by the state, and find the area you want to visit.


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History of Iowa

Iowa was originally home to at least 17 Native American tries, although today only the Meskwaki remain.

The first Europeans to reach Iowa were the French explorers, Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette in 1673. They recorded in their journals that the land was lush, green and fertile.

The United States gained control of the area from France in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. The first official American settlement began in 1833, and statehood was achieved in 1846.

During the American Civil War (1861 to 1865), Iowa contributed greatly to the Union war effort, including more 60% of its eligible males serving (the highest proportion of any state).

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Is Matlock on Channel 59.2 or 29.5?

Just to show that they don’t care about old people, nearly 500 US TV stations will begin broadcasting in only digital early (since Congress passed the delay).

Nielsen recently reported that 6.5 million U.S. homes were unprepared for the upcoming transition.

Just who are the people who are left not able to do this switch?  For heaven’s sakes, they’ve been advertising this switch thing for over 2.5 years.  Anyone that doesn’t have cable/satellite/a digital converter box probably deserves to be without TV for a while.  I am willing to bet that even when the switch happens, there will still be several millions who didn’t see it coming…

Worst Tornados Resulting in Massive Damage

April 11, 1965 is still remembered by many: that day a brutal string of tornados hit the states of Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan with wind gusts as high as 318 miles per hour, killing 250 people and injuring some 1500 others. The first funnel cloud hit the ground at 1 p.m. with others following at varying intervals, up to 5:30 pm. The storms intensified as they day progressed. An F4 storm hit Koontz Lake, Indiana and 2 other twisters hit Wakarusa, and Goshen, doing massive damage to homes, and local infrastructure.

More storms continued to develop over the course of that same day. The worst of the tornados, an F5 storm with winds reaching speeds of up to 318 miles per hour landed at Elkhart Indiana and destroyed the Sunnyside subdivision killing over 30 people. One of the funnel clouds was a colossal eight hundred yards wide, leaving a trail of devastation in its path. Telephone and electrical lines where knocked out by the high winds. The phone system was down and, as a result, local city officials where unable to warn others in the path of the storm of the severe danger. The day progressed and tornados hit many other counties. The damage from all these rapidly occurring storms was devastating.

The impact that these storms had on the area was huge. The U.S. weather bureau conducted a full investigation after the storm and established the need for better methods to communicate warnings to residents and officials in other areas of approaching storms. It was just a little while after this that the Weather Service started to put out announcements indicating that tornados where likely to form and where they were traveling once they had hit the ground.

Iowa Tornados

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