Baby Car Logos

Check out these cool car logos. I found it on a site in Portuguese. You can visit the site here. It’s saying (according to Google translator)…

I had not seen these forms created by Dentsu Brazil, for Minichamps (those miniature cars almost perfect). Neles, quatro logos de carros famosos (Masserati, Ferrari, Jaguar e Lamborghini) são apresentados nas suas formas “infantis”: In them, four cars of famous logos (Masserati, Ferrari, Jaguar and Lamborghini) are presented in their ways “children”

Great concept. Mas só lembrando que os Minichamps são mais para se colecionar do que para brincar, diferente dos Matchboxs da Mattell. But just remembering that Minichamps are more to collect than to play, different from Matchboxs of Mattell.

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