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Iowa is the Central Cornbelt State

Though not an extremely large state, at 56,000 square miles, Iowa is first in corn and soybean production and also is first in hog production. It is a flat state located between the great North American rivers, the Mississippi on the east, and the Missouri River on the west. The Iowa caucuses are an early political event in the quest for the presidency. That alone may give you an idea for your Iowa Incorporation. After all, billions of dollars go to political consultants each election year and the huge media impact of this event is well known.

Iowa is a strongly agricultural state, and also has historically and still to some extent presently, the production of farm implements, washing machines, refrigerators and processed foods. Its industrial outputs are food processing, machinery, electric equipment, chemical products, nd primary metals. Iowa produces the nation’s largest amount of ethanol for gasoline. Des Moines also serves as a center for the insurance industry.

Central Cornbelt State

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Farm Safety USA

fter gaining momentum from a major PR campaign prior to Farm Safety Week in mid September, and a continuous email and phone marketing campaign to various ag-related industries, organizations and publications, Farm Safety USA is now an international company!

Recently, we broke the 25 farm safety audio series into Canada and New Zealand through the Farm Safety Association’s agricultural field educators who are equally concerned about their children’s health and well-being on the farm.

As Farm Safety USA continues in their dedication to farm children, we have been very successful in creating relationships with many different ag-related companies, organizations and institutions including: several State Farm Bureau Federations, Ag In The Classrooms, Mutual Insurance Companies, Future Farmers of America, a few of the Occupational Safety & Health University extensions and numerous farm families, nationwide.

Farm Safety

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