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Is Coffee Healthy?

Considering all the past concern about possible health risks from drinking coffee, newer reports of coffee’s possible protective effects may leave many people confused.

Overall, recent studies suggest that coffee (regular and decaffeinated) may offer a variety of health benefits against diseases such as cancer and diabetes. However, coffee may not deserve a place in the same category with other healthful foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Laboratory studies suggest that the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compounds in coffee could help reduce risk of cancer. Coffee also has a tendency to speed the passage of waste through the digestive tract. Potentially, this may lessen the time that cancer-causing compounds spend in contact with the intestinal tract, which could reduce the risk of colon cancer. Population studies, however, tend to split between coffee intake having no effect on or reducing risk of breast and colon cancer.

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Iowa Payroll Law and Practice

he Iowa State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of State income taxes deducted from payroll checks is:

Department of Revenue Income Tax Division Hoover State Office Bldg. P.O. Box 10457 Des Moines, IA 50306-0457 (515) 281-3114 (800) 367-3388 (in state)

Iowa requires that you use Iowa form “IA W-4, Centralized Employee Registry Reporting Form/Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate” instead of a Federal W-4 Form for Iowa State Income Tax Withholding.

Not all states allow salary reductions made under Section 125 cafeteria plans or 401(k) to be treated in the same manner as the IRS code allows. In Iowa cafeteria plans are not taxable for income tax calculation; taxable for unemployment insurance purposes. 401(k) plan deferrals are not taxable for income taxes; taxable for unemployment purposes.

In Iowa supplemental wages are taxed at a 6% flat rate.

State W-2s are not applicable in the state of Iowa.

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Hypnosis for quitting smoking

Smoking is hazardous to health. We all know it. However, there are many people who start smoking even after knowing that it is not good for health. It is very easy to start smoking. Anybody from a chain smoker to one who smokes occasionally or just a few cigarettes every day will tell you this. When it comes to quitting smoking, one has to be extra careful and work upon the will power.

Smoking is so widespread and common that some people find it hard to believe that there are actually treatment centers for those who want to give up this vice, just like there are centers for alcohol rehabilitation for alcoholics.

A person can stop smoking for some days. However, the urge of having a fag is so strong that it is very difficult stay away from it. Here, you tend to get back to square one even after you decide to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is a process that has made a great impact on smoking. Most people who have tried it, agree that hypnosis can help quitting smoking.

When quitting smoking, one faces mood swings, lethargy and intense craving that are hard to resist. Hence, when you want to quit smoking, you need to take help of a hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist will help you come out of the blues you experience when quitting smoking.

If you are a chain smoker or smoke occasionally, you can take help of a hypnotherapist to quite smoking. Here, you are able to get into a state of dream where you get a feeling of relaxation from head to toe. When undergoing a hypnotherapy, a person easily responds to suggestions. A hypnotherapy uses several positive suggest that may help a patient to curb his cravings for cigaretters. The reason is that on tends to get relaxed after hypnosis and feels less stress. When you tend to be free of stress, you don’t crave for cigarettes.

There are many people who don’t agree that hypnosis can help quit smoking. They think that during the period of the treatment, the patient is easily able to control his urge to smoke however, the moment the treatment is over, the urge to smoke arises again. However, this has not affected the popularity of hypnotherapy as a solution to quit smoking. You would find many hypnotherapists practicing hypnotherapy for quitting smoking. Iowa and Indiana have maximum number of hypnotherapy clinics.

The most important thing to take care of is that your will power to stay away from the cigarettes need to be combined with hypnotherapy. In short, hypnosis for quitting smoking will only help you if you want to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is not a new concept. It is a state of mind where you tend to take suggestions and advice easily. You are ready to respond to whatever treatment is give to you.

Many people have claimed that hypnosis has worked for them. Hypnotists use several methods to help their clients quit smoking. One of the most popular methods is where they may tell a person to relate smoking cigarettes with an extremely bad smell. They also associate the thoughts of smoking with a positive anti smoking message.

If you want an instant fix to your problem, hypnosis may not help but the therapy can help you cultivate a strong desire to succeed.

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Weird Drinking Laws

The United States has its fair share of weird laws (what is up with having to pay taxes?), but there are few laws that achieve the level of oddness that certain American drinking laws attain. Underage folks may find the “21 and over” rule to be weird. People wanting to buy beer seven days a week may find the fact that liquor stores are closed on Sundays in many states to be strange. There is a wealth of addiction treatment information available online for all types of addictions, from cocaine to nicotine. Those who like to stroll around a park with an uncorked bottle of wine may find it bizarre that open containers of alcohol aren’t allowed in many areas. But, the oddness that the above laws emit is nothing compared to the peculiarities of those below:

Don’t use the “R” word: According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BAFT), the word “refreshing” can’t be utilized when describing alcohol beverages. That forces us, the alcohol consumers, to describe beer as brisk, gin as invigorating, and wine as reviving. That’s right BAFT, we have a thesaurus.

Drinking Laws

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Worst Tornados Resulting in Massive Damage

April 11, 1965 is still remembered by many: that day a brutal string of tornados hit the states of Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan with wind gusts as high as 318 miles per hour, killing 250 people and injuring some 1500 others. The first funnel cloud hit the ground at 1 p.m. with others following at varying intervals, up to 5:30 pm. The storms intensified as they day progressed. An F4 storm hit Koontz Lake, Indiana and 2 other twisters hit Wakarusa, and Goshen, doing massive damage to homes, and local infrastructure.

More storms continued to develop over the course of that same day. The worst of the tornados, an F5 storm with winds reaching speeds of up to 318 miles per hour landed at Elkhart Indiana and destroyed the Sunnyside subdivision killing over 30 people. One of the funnel clouds was a colossal eight hundred yards wide, leaving a trail of devastation in its path. Telephone and electrical lines where knocked out by the high winds. The phone system was down and, as a result, local city officials where unable to warn others in the path of the storm of the severe danger. The day progressed and tornados hit many other counties. The damage from all these rapidly occurring storms was devastating.

The impact that these storms had on the area was huge. The U.S. weather bureau conducted a full investigation after the storm and established the need for better methods to communicate warnings to residents and officials in other areas of approaching storms. It was just a little while after this that the Weather Service started to put out announcements indicating that tornados where likely to form and where they were traveling once they had hit the ground.

Iowa Tornados

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He Might Be Like That Dude…

I wonder if Mr. President would be like that guy at your party that doesn’t leave, just hanging out on the couch, eating cheetos:

Bush Spends Day Feverishly Booby-Trapping Desk (from the Onion)

My favorite part is the last paragraph…

In what may turn out to be his greatest presidential prank, Bush also has spent the previous eight years damaging the American economy beyond repair and bogging the country down in an unwinnable war with a sovereign Middle Eastern nation.

Battling Teen Migraines

Below are some causes that might trigger teen migraines  and a handful useful steps on how parents can help their suffering teenagers. Migraines are painful and can last a long time while interfering with your day to day life. This is especially true for teenagers. Here are some possible causes and solutions to help your teenager through their migraine problems.

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Iowa Themed Gift Basket Ideas

The holidays are always around the cornergift baskets just in case you’re running late!

As you travel through Iowa you will begin to see the meaning behind the terms, “Corn State” or “Hawkeye State” as the state has been phrased. Bordered by Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Missouri, the state of Iowa has produced some celebrities to make not of. Former present of the United States Herber Hoover called Iowa his home. The state also is birthplace of the jazz musician and swing bandleader Glenn Miller. Anyone who loves cowboy movies would be thrilled to find out that John Wayne is also a native to the state. There are many historic events that Iowa has claim to. It’s also here that the Lewis and Clark expedition has been connected to.

Gift Basket Ideas

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Iowa is the Central Cornbelt State

Though not an extremely large state, at 56,000 square miles, Iowa is first in corn and soybean production and also is first in hog production. It is a flat state located between the great North American rivers, the Mississippi on the east, and the Missouri River on the west. The Iowa caucuses are an early political event in the quest for the presidency. That alone may give you an idea for your Iowa Incorporation. After all, billions of dollars go to political consultants each election year and the huge media impact of this event is well known.

Iowa is a strongly agricultural state, and also has historically and still to some extent presently, the production of farm implements, washing machines, refrigerators and processed foods. Its industrial outputs are food processing, machinery, electric equipment, chemical products, nd primary metals. Iowa produces the nation’s largest amount of ethanol for gasoline. Des Moines also serves as a center for the insurance industry.

Central Cornbelt State

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I don’t want to be probed!

Taken from a Mason City news site:

Mason City, IA–Mason City police found themselves dealing with the great unknown on Saturday morning.

Police reports suggest officers were summoned to a man’s home in the 300 block of 5th Street Northwest just before 7 a.m.

A caller at the address had informed a 911 dispatcher he had “aliens trapped in his closet and needed help getting them out.”

At least 7 officers responded to aid in the effort.

An initial incident report does not offer any information about what they found.

Of course you have to wonder if the police just might have thought there was an X-Files moment because at least 7 officers responded…

The Red Oak – An Interview

Following Smoother’s post on Aug 1, I decided it would be great to interview a local hero, the Red Oak.

Steel: So, I hear you’re a variety of oak that is native to North America.  Also, I hear you grow very rapidly and favor acidic soil.

Red Oak: <rustle, rustle>

S: You must be the strong, silent type.  Maybe those questions were too hard for you.  What about this one: I hear your main characteristic is something about shiny strips. Other oaks have similar strips, but those normally occur only on the top. The strips on you go all the way down and are one of the quickest ways to identify you.

How does it feel being identified with shiny strippers?  Not only at the top like your friends, but all the way down?

RO: <rustle, rustle>

S: Okay, you son-of-a-bitch, you better start talking or we’ll end this right now.  Are you bitter about something?

RO: <rustle, rustle>

S: You think you’re so important, mister lumber, and can’t sit down for this interview.  Well, then screw you! (Exits)

RO: <rustle, rustle>

oak and fruit

The Red Oak - One quiet son-of-a-bitch

What do Olympic athletes earn?

How much money do Olympic athletes earn? I’ve been watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics and I’m totally hooked. But what about their lives beyond the Olympic events? I’ve always wondered how much money Olympic athletes make so I decided to do some searching. Financial support varies from country to country so I’ll take a look at Team USA because I’m from the United States of America.

I read this PDF file from that has a lot of information about stipends, bonuses, and reimbursement. Here are the main money makers once you reach the Olympics.

Gold Medal: $25,000
Silver Medal: $15,000
Bronze Medal: $10,000

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each Olympic Athlete from the U.S. gets for the Beijing 2008 Olympics :

  • Competition & Camp Expenses (airline – United VIK, room/board &
    accreditation fees)
  • Monthly Stipends
  • Performance Incentives
  • OTC Resident Program
  • Elite Athlete Health Insurance (EAHI)
  • NIKE Apparel

Monthly stipends range from $250-2000 per month, so I’m sure a lot of athletes have jobs while they’re training. This is only what the country is giving athletes, but there’s a lot more money to be made with endorsement deals and bonuses. Speedo, the swimming gear brand, awarded a $1 million bonus to Michael Phelps for breaking Mark Spitz’s 1972 gold medal record of seven gold medals in single Olympics events (from CNBC) and 21 year old Jamaican, Usain Bolt, received a $1.8 million bonus from his sponsor Digicel for breaking the 100 meter race world record back in May (picture).

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Get more information about the Olympics Team USA at, see the final Beijing overall medal count here and here’s the count sorted by Gold medals. (Image above is courtesy of geckoam)

The Red Oak – An Overview

The red oak is also called the northern red oak and although has been widely cultivated in Germany and Australia, it is native to North America. If you are considering using this tree, here is an overview.

The northern red oak is a variety of oak that is native to North America. The tree grows very rapidly and favors acidic soil. Its native range is from Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada although it is found as far south as Georgia in the United States. In the forests, the tree grows to heights of from 115 feet to 141 feet. Trees grown in the open tend to be a bit shorter, but often have thicker trunks.

The main characteristic of the red oak is its bark which has ridges topped with what appear to be almost shiny strips. Other varieties of oak have similar bark ridges and strips, but they normally occur only on the upper portion of the trees. The ridges on the red oak go all the way to the bottom and are one of the quickest ways to identify the tree. The branches tend to grow at right angles from the stems which produce a rounded narrow head.

oak and fruit

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The Godfather of Modern Tattoo

Don Ed Hardy, fondly known as the “The Godfather of Modern Tattoo”, has undoubtedly revolutionized the way the world sees Tattoo Art. Over a decade ago, Tattoo Art seemed fit only for the skin of bikers and tough guys, but that is certainly no longer the case. Don Ed Hardy started out his career using traditional methods of painting before he became a Tattoo artist, and with the initiative of the impressive Frenchman Christian Audigier, Don Ed Hardy’s art is much sought after.

Don Ed Hardy was born in Iowa in 1945, but he and his family moved to Costa Mesa, California less than a year after he was born. He is known to be the first American tattoo artist to incorporate Japanese aesthetics and techniques to his designs. His love for tattooing was evident, even as a little boy. He would copy and design his own fake tattoos. It was only during his high school years that his interest in tattoo art took a backseat to his love for Kustom Kulture.

The Godfather of Modern Tattoo

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