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Texting while driving in Iowa – ILLEGAL!

It’s now illegal to text while driving in the state of Iowa. Iowa and Nebraska are now joining 26 other states and the District of Colombia with laws banning texting while driving.

I’m unsure of the fine though. According to the lacrossetribune you’re going to get bitch slapped with a $30 fine. Watch out! But reports “In Iowa, the first year will result in a warning, followed next year by a $100 fine.”

If using the cell phone and texting is causing deaths, then why not follow Nebraska with their more strict enforcement of this law ”

In Nebraska, there is no grace period. First offense drivers face a $200 fine, second offense $300 and third offense a $500 fine. Three points are also taken off a driver’s license in Nebraska.

And wear a seat belt.

Gmail and their 2GB storage – OOPS!

I used to use my web hosting account to do email, but then I started using Gmail when it first launched. .

In the beginning I used a ton of space! Here’s the message from back then:

You are currently using 1886 MB (71%) of your 2658 MB.
Showing message 1 of 244119


Now I’m using more, but getting more. Here are my stats today.

You are currently using 3631 MB (48%) of your 7555 MB.

If you’re looking for control over your email instead of going through a 3rd party, check out the HostGator Review and other web hosting reviews to find a hosting company that fits your needs.

Is Matlock on Channel 59.2 or 29.5?

Just to show that they don’t care about old people, nearly 500 US TV stations will begin broadcasting in only digital early (since Congress passed the delay).

Nielsen recently reported that 6.5 million U.S. homes were unprepared for the upcoming transition.

Just who are the people who are left not able to do this switch?  For heaven’s sakes, they’ve been advertising this switch thing for over 2.5 years.  Anyone that doesn’t have cable/satellite/a digital converter box probably deserves to be without TV for a while.  I am willing to bet that even when the switch happens, there will still be several millions who didn’t see it coming…

Iowa Beer Drinkers Unite!

If you didn’t already know, Iowa has a stupid law that says anything over 5% ABV is considered a liquor.  That means according to Iowa Law, the only things that are considered beer are the Light Domestics, etc (AKA urine).  This means any specialty beer is most likely considered a liquor, and is taxed more, causing less beers in Iowa.

This is CRAP!  I myself like specialty beer, and if only we changed this law, life would be better…

You can read about the movement here.

Lift the Limit!  Make Iowa better!

Copyright Enforcement Ain’t Cheap

CNET recently wrote about that the RIAA and MPAA are no longer going after the little guy, but instead are enlisting the help from ISP’s.  Today, CNET wrote about an ISP owner in Louisiana who doesn’t mind, as long as he is compensated for his work, but the big companies are slow to pay for protection:

guys you have sent me 3 threats now without proof. We all know IPs are easily spoofed. I have asked for your billing information so we can have a contract signed and full understanding of what i do. If you want me to work for you you should expect to pay. I dont work for free.

All that was needed after that was a “Love, Your Friendly Neighborhood ISP”.

One ISP says RIAA must pay for piracy protection

How one ISP deals with copyright enforcement

Worst song ever

So I was reading through Cracked’s Music Trends That Must Be Stopped, and I read about #2: Warbling Diva + Menacing Dude Rapper = PROFIT.  In the article, it has a link for the “Music Video” called “Smell Yo Dick” (NSFW), and it is the WORST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD.  Terrible.  People like this should seriously be taken out back a beaten with a stick.  Please stop making the world worse for all of us.  Please.

Thanks for the Meme-ries

Do you remember when…

This is great. It shows the history of the internet, many of which we have listed on our little ‘ol blog. Personal Favorites (in no particular order, but all gems):

  • The Spirit of Christmas
  • Hampster Dance
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  • O RLY?
  • numa numa
  • Chuck Norris Facts
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Lazy Sunday
  • Hahaha (The Laughing Baby)
  • I can has CHEEZBURGER?
  • Dick In a Box
  • RickRoll
  • Chocolate Rain
  • I Like Turtles
  • Dramatic Chipmunk
  • Spaghetti Cat
  • Ninja Cat

And to wrap it all up, Weezer launches “Pork and Beans” Music Video.  Me luvs the interwebs.

Ninjas Rob a Convenience Store

I should have posted this a long time ago:

Ninjas rob a local convenience store

The article doesn’t say that they dropped from the ceiling, threw a bunch of throwing stars, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.  Not really.  They were idiots with guns.  Ninjas don’t have guns.  Haven’t they ever seen real ninja movies, like American Ninja 1-5 and Beverly Hills Ninja?  Ameteurs.

Those bitches try to rob me, I’m going to fight them off with 10 different kitchen implements.

When Nerds Fight Back

You see, I consider myself a nerd.  I just love to see when some loud-mouthed know-it-all taunts, then subsequently suffers the wrath of nerds:

Bill O’Reilly Gets Hacked

Someone with a little more liability on his hands is Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, whose Web site was hacked over the weekend and subscriber information posted to Wikileaks. O’Reilly had been railing against Wikileaks and 4chan over the Palin (e-mail) hack all week on his show, The O’Reilly Factor.

“I’m not going to mention the Web site that posted this, but it’s one of those despicable, slimy, scummy websites. Everybody knows where this stuff is, OK, and they know the people who run the website, so why can’t they go there tonight to the guy’s house who runs it, put him in cuffs and take him down and book him?,” said O’Reilly on his show last week.

4chan, which revels in bad behavior, took this to heart, putting the words “DESPICABLE, SLIMY, SCUMY” at the top of the random talk channel, known as /b/, where Rubico (the alleged hacker) first posted his work. To them it was a joke.

Someone else took it as a challenge and O’Reilly’s personal site was compromised over the weekend. The list posted to Wikileaks contains at least 205 names, e-mail addresses, billing addresses and passwords of subscribers to O’Reilly, which were not protected or encrypted.

Way to go guys.  You bring tears to my eyes…

I don’t want to be probed!

Taken from a Mason City news site:

Mason City, IA–Mason City police found themselves dealing with the great unknown on Saturday morning.

Police reports suggest officers were summoned to a man’s home in the 300 block of 5th Street Northwest just before 7 a.m.

A caller at the address had informed a 911 dispatcher he had “aliens trapped in his closet and needed help getting them out.”

At least 7 officers responded to aid in the effort.

An initial incident report does not offer any information about what they found.

Of course you have to wonder if the police just might have thought there was an X-Files moment because at least 7 officers responded…

The Red Oak – An Interview

Following Smoother’s post on Aug 1, I decided it would be great to interview a local hero, the Red Oak.

Steel: So, I hear you’re a variety of oak that is native to North America.  Also, I hear you grow very rapidly and favor acidic soil.

Red Oak: <rustle, rustle>

S: You must be the strong, silent type.  Maybe those questions were too hard for you.  What about this one: I hear your main characteristic is something about shiny strips. Other oaks have similar strips, but those normally occur only on the top. The strips on you go all the way down and are one of the quickest ways to identify you.

How does it feel being identified with shiny strippers?  Not only at the top like your friends, but all the way down?

RO: <rustle, rustle>

S: Okay, you son-of-a-bitch, you better start talking or we’ll end this right now.  Are you bitter about something?

RO: <rustle, rustle>

S: You think you’re so important, mister lumber, and can’t sit down for this interview.  Well, then screw you! (Exits)

RO: <rustle, rustle>

oak and fruit

The Red Oak - One quiet son-of-a-bitch

The Benefits of Using eFile

ou struggle for hours reading and re-reading your tax instructions trying to figure out your tax return and then when you do finally file your taxes you sit for weeks on end just waiting for that brown envelope with your tax refund check to come. You think to yourself; There has to be a simpler way.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The benefits of using efile to file your taxes.

Efile is the fastest way to file your taxes and efiling cuts the tax return processing time in about half. So, if you are expecting a tax refund then you can expect your tax refund in about half of the time it would normally take if you filed your taxes by mailing in your tax return. If you are expecting a tax refund you can have your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account by using Direct Deposit. Our tax service also lets you split your tax refund into two different accounts if you choose direct deposit.

The Benefits of Using eFile

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Motorcycle Accidents and Brain Injury

Motorcycle accidents are a well-known leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Together with auto accidents, they are the single largest cause of brain injury in the United States. One out of every five motorcycle accidents results in head or neck injuries, which account for most motorcycle fatalities. And partly because drivers often don’t see motorcyclists or yield them the right-of-way, motorcyclists are at higher risk of an accident than drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that, per mile traveled in 2003, a motorcyclist was 32 times more likely to die in an accident than a passenger in a car.

Motorcyclists, even those who wear helmets, are most likely to sustain non-penetrative injuries to the front of the head, damaging parts of the brain responsible for speech and higher functions. Those without helmets may also be susceptible to a penetrating brain injury, in which an object enters the head and skull, damaging the soft tissue of the brain itself.

Helmets Essential to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

Motorcycle Accidents

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