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Tipping cows. Shucking corn. Or slapping your little brother. All fun to do when bored just like these…

He Might Be Like That Dude…

I wonder if Mr. President would be like that guy at your party that doesn’t leave, just hanging out on the couch, eating cheetos:

Bush Spends Day Feverishly Booby-Trapping Desk (from the Onion)

My favorite part is the last paragraph…

In what may turn out to be his greatest presidential prank, Bush also has spent the previous eight years damaging the American economy beyond repair and bogging the country down in an unwinnable war with a sovereign Middle Eastern nation.

Getting out of Iowa for New Years

What are you doing for New Years? If you want to do some traveling, you should considering visiting the Philippines… especially after reading the oh so delicious Ox Tail recipe. It’s not that crazy compared to other street food in the Philippines. If you do go, you should visit Baguio in the Philippines. It’s a prime vacation spot. Or you could just say “F that noise!” and head up the Minnesota… NinjaStyle. No matter what you do, have fun this New Years!

Jizz in my Pants Lyrics and Video

YES! If you enjoyed the Natalie Portman Gangsta Rap Lyrics & Video and Lazy Sunday you will probably like this SNL video. I love the bass effect from the vid. Who’s in the Jizz in my Pants video? Andy Samberg & Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer as the DJ, Justin Timberlake as the Janitor, Molly Sims & Jamie Lynn Sigler as… as… the hot babes (job not important).

By the way… if these guys have these faces in real life when they do it, I think their romantic life is in trouble.

J*** in my Pants video from Youtube

If that gets removed, here’s the J*** in my Pants video from Saturday Night Live

Here are the Jizz in my Pants Lyrics . Correct them in the comments if they’re wrong, I’m no pro at this. Continue reading

$100 Laptop and Used Condoms

 Are you gearing up for Valentines Day? It’s only a few months away! Sure, Christimas might empty your wallet but it’s okay, if you’re trying to save some money then just check out these used condoms for sale!

A few months back I decided to share some excellent material from Stuck In Iowa, the ones I’d give a trophy to for being the best of the best. So I am here righting this today to share them with you.

Haha! How funny. But it’s nothing is as bad ass as the ultimate money saving gift: The…$100 Craptop

If you like those posts you’ll for sure love the other links I shared right here.

Iowa Themed Gift Basket Ideas

The holidays are always around the cornergift baskets just in case you’re running late!

As you travel through Iowa you will begin to see the meaning behind the terms, “Corn State” or “Hawkeye State” as the state has been phrased. Bordered by Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Missouri, the state of Iowa has produced some celebrities to make not of. Former present of the United States Herber Hoover called Iowa his home. The state also is birthplace of the jazz musician and swing bandleader Glenn Miller. Anyone who loves cowboy movies would be thrilled to find out that John Wayne is also a native to the state. There are many historic events that Iowa has claim to. It’s also here that the Lewis and Clark expedition has been connected to.

Gift Basket Ideas

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How to Pamper a Woman

Women have a lot of things going on these days. They often work, care for the family, and have to juggle so many things into their busy schedule. That’s where you can be her knight in shining armor! Here are some ways how you can pamper your special lady and relieve some of her stress.

Spoil her for an evening

Surprise her with a dinner at home. Send your kids and nanny at the grandparent’s house and have plans for the evening. Prepare a dinner for two in your house, cook her favorite foods and buy her favorite wine. Give also a small gift, a cheap one but can make her smile. Spend the night with a light music. Take her to a sweet dance while your favorite song is being played. But if you really don’t know how to cook, well… you can take her out to her favorite restaurant.

Before going to sleep, make sure that you give her a bubble bath. Put some scented relaxing candles lit on the bathroom. Let her soak in the water, you can join her if you want to. If not, prepare the bedroom and make sure that it is clean and dim lighted. Light some aromatic candles to make it more romantic. Massage her with scented aromatherapy oil while the soft music is going. I’m sure she’ll give you a reward for the effort.

Give her charge of the remote once in awhile

I know it’s not a romantic thing again, but it sure feels good for a woman to have the privilege of holding that remote control and having the say in what you watch together. When a man surrenders the remote, it’s a true sign of humility and respect. She may be so touched by your gesture that she will actually turn to Basketball Channel. Continue reading

Thanks for the Meme-ries

Do you remember when…

This is great. It shows the history of the internet, many of which we have listed on our little ‘ol blog. Personal Favorites (in no particular order, but all gems):

  • The Spirit of Christmas
  • Hampster Dance
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  • O RLY?
  • numa numa
  • Chuck Norris Facts
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Lazy Sunday
  • Hahaha (The Laughing Baby)
  • I can has CHEEZBURGER?
  • Dick In a Box
  • RickRoll
  • Chocolate Rain
  • I Like Turtles
  • Dramatic Chipmunk
  • Spaghetti Cat
  • Ninja Cat

And to wrap it all up, Weezer launches “Pork and Beans” Music Video.  Me luvs the interwebs.

How to Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is the most important things that every person should know. Here’s what you need to do so you can have a clean bathroom.

Put the toiletries and all the items in the bathroom in their respective places o they are not scattered all over the bathroom. Close all the cabinets and take out the empty bottles out of the bathroom, especially those that does not belong on the bathroom. Put all the dirty clothes and towels on the hamper. Put on your rubber gloves.

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Chuck Norris Speak English

It’s confirmed! He does speak English. Proof is in the video, the 2nd one, first one nobody speaks English. That’s why I call this Chuck Norris speaks English. Hahaha, I should become a full time comedian like Polly Shore. Good times. Here are some kickin’ vids I thought you’d enjoy checking out. Some oldies but goodies that’s for sure. I mean, sure sure it’s competing with other awesome stuff but come on, there’s room for more in your life!

Do you speak english?

Chuck Norris Video

You can find more videos like this and really awesome stuff visiting another favorite post of mine.

Traveling for free on the informer highway

 If you’ve ready this post you’re probably dying for more. So then you most likely visited this page and then this one and you’re still lacking in the ultimate night life (because I know you’re reading this on a Friday night). So without further delay, here are some more amazingly hot posts here at Stuck in Iowa!

Wendy’s and free travel tickets

Pull down me pants look up me bot ‘tom

Yeah, that’s good stuff. See you Saturday.

Free software, cowabunga!

 Here are some cool entries in the”so called Stuck in Iowa life”

Free Random Wallpaper Software 

 Cowabunga Bitches!

Now that you’ve seen them you can see more hot stuff here, or even directly here, and then some over there. All on this site! It can’t get any better than that! Except fried candy bars from the Iowa State Fair, but that’s a whole other ball game.

What is cowabunga anyway? Well wikipedia knows all and says this


From kawabonga, bad; a nonsense word spoken by Chief Thunderthud, a character in The Howdy Doody Show, altered to “cowabunga” by Australian surfers and popularized by Bart Simpson of The Simpsons and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, TV, and movie series.



    1. A slang term used when amazed or surprised, often followed by the word man
      Cowabunga, man! Look at that crazy house!

Old Lady Punch Slogan Action

 Are you ready for this? Do you think you can handle this craziness? I mean really, seriously, for realz!? Here are a few posts from Stuck in Iowa that I like. If you’re bored then click the links but please do prepare yourself for the ultimate enjoyment beyond level 10.

Have a slogan

 Old lady punch

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Baby Car Logos

Check out these cool car logos. I found it on a site in Portuguese. You can visit the site here. It’s saying (according to Google translator)…

I had not seen these forms created by Dentsu Brazil, for Minichamps (those miniature cars almost perfect). Neles, quatro logos de carros famosos (Masserati, Ferrari, Jaguar e Lamborghini) são apresentados nas suas formas “infantis”: In them, four cars of famous logos (Masserati, Ferrari, Jaguar and Lamborghini) are presented in their ways “children”

Great concept. Mas só lembrando que os Minichamps são mais para se colecionar do que para brincar, diferente dos Matchboxs da Mattell. But just remembering that Minichamps are more to collect than to play, different from Matchboxs of Mattell.

A cool proverb site

If you’re looking for some cool proverbs if you’re bored, check out Doing Fine .org. It has some proverbs + some explanations of what they mean. There’s some Asian, European, American, and other foreign sayings apparently translated into English. At first I thought they were inspirational and cool, but some are pretty messed up in my opinion. My favorites are the Japanese and Chinese proverbs.