China Scares the World with Bad Milk

Recently, we heard the news about the milk scares in China that is said to be contaminated by Melamine. For our information, melamine can cause reproductive damage, or bladder or kidney stones, which can lead to bladder cancer if ingested. Thousands of children in China are listed to be positive in this disease and it even causes death to infants. But it was really shocking to know that milk products from China are exported all over the world. With that, all countries are busy inspecting China milk products for Melamine contamination.

Here are some of the countries affected with Melamine China Products:

1. Bangladesh
2. India
3. Japan
4. Malaysia
5. Myanmar
6. Philippines
7. Singapore
8. South Korea
9. Taiwan
10. Tanzania
11. Togo
12. Hong Kong
13. Bhutan
14. Britain
15. Brunei
16. Burundi
17. Canada
18. China
19. France
20. Gabon
21. Ghana
22. Yemen
23. Vietnam
24. Thailand

They are the countries importing milk products from China. Not only milk is imported from China. They also have candy, chocolate, yogurt, ice cream and other said to have luncheon meat and corned beef products. Some are still on testing process. For most countries, even non-dairy products are avoided. They just banned all China Imported products just to be safe. Melamine can also be in plastic containers, label materials, fertilizers which can carry through the food process and the food itself.

People from China are really affected by Melamine, especially children. I just hope that their government is doing their best to help those who are affected. And help those not to be affected by Melamine. As I’ve heard China is cooperating with other countries in pulling out their products in the market. They do the test also in their products to make sure what products are contaminated.

For those who are buying milk and other dairy and non-dairy product, please make sure that you read the label carefully. It is better to avoid China product at this moment until the China Melamine Contamination has not yet resolved. Better avoid it than be sorry later.

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