Iowa is the Central Cornbelt State

Though not an extremely large state, at 56,000 square miles, Iowa is first in corn and soybean production and also is first in hog production. It is a flat state located between the great North American rivers, the Mississippi on the east, and the Missouri River on the west. The Iowa caucuses are an early political event in the quest for the presidency. That alone may give you an idea for your Iowa Incorporation. After all, billions of dollars go to political consultants each election year and the huge media impact of this event is well known.

Iowa is a strongly agricultural state, and also has historically and still to some extent presently, the production of farm implements, washing machines, refrigerators and processed foods. Its industrial outputs are food processing, machinery, electric equipment, chemical products, nd primary metals. Iowa produces the nation’s largest amount of ethanol for gasoline. Des Moines also serves as a center for the insurance industry.

Central Cornbelt State

Council Bluffs Iowa is across the Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska, and is part of the Omaha metropolitan area, with a population of over 800,000 in the two states. Council Bluff has become a major center of gambling casinos. Casinos in the city include Harrah’s and Horseshoes. Davenport in the eastern part of the state is on the Mississippi River across from the city of Moline, Illinois and is also known for its casinos. It is one of the Quad Cities in Iowa and Illinois. John Deere Corporation has for a long time made tractors, lawnmowers and other machinery in the area, first with a plant in Davenport, and more recently in a plant across the river in Moline, Illinois. John Deere has become a multi-national corporation but still produces much of its equipment in the United States, including in Waterloo, Davenport and Dubuque, Iowa, and in Moline in Illinois. Davenport has had a certain amount of problems due to its lack of levees to protect it from floods from the Mississippi River. An interesting nearby site is the Quad City Botanical Center, across the river in Rock Island, Illinois. These large gardens contain both local plants and tropical plants in large hothouses.

Many insurance companies are headquartered in Des Moines, including the Principal Financial Group, Nationwide, Aviva, and American Republic Insurance Company. Principal is a Fortune 500 company that has its headquarters in Des Moines. As a center of financial and insurance services, other major corporations headquartered outside of Iowa have established a presence in Des Moines such as Wells Fargo, ING Group, and Electronic Data Systems.

Cedar Rapids is home to several large businesses and industries, including in food processing, General Mills, Cargill, Quaker Oats, and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). Hi-tech and computer companies have also moved into Cedar Rapids and other towns in Iowa. At the center of the city is a famous large modern art metal sculpture known as the Tree of the Five Seasons, which is a three-dimensional form of the city’s logo. Near the center of the city is the Czech Village, and area that has maintained the identity of ethnic Czech businesses. There is also the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in the area.

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