Iowa Themed Gift Basket Ideas

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As you travel through Iowa you will begin to see the meaning behind the terms, “Corn State” or “Hawkeye State” as the state has been phrased. Bordered by Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Missouri, the state of Iowa has produced some celebrities to make not of. Former present of the United States Herber Hoover called Iowa his home. The state also is birthplace of the jazz musician and swing bandleader Glenn Miller. Anyone who loves cowboy movies would be thrilled to find out that John Wayne is also a native to the state. There are many historic events that Iowa has claim to. It’s also here that the Lewis and Clark expedition has been connected to.

Gift Basket Ideas

If you are looking to create baskets that show off the cultural, historical, and creative side of Iowa, you may turn to some of the state symbols and wildlife creates for inspiration. The state flower is the wild rose. This flower has a wonderfully soothing fragrance when applied to lotions, body creams, and body sprays. A gift basket full of bath & body items that contain the state flower scent would be a very appropriate gift. Add in loofas, scrubs, and facial masks and you just might create a new love of the state flower.

As for some of the statewide activities that take place in the region, Indianaola, Iowa is home to the National Balloon Classic, which allows gift basket business owners to truly explore the colorful possibilities and unique wrapping arrangements that can come from such a theme. For example, elaborate measures might be taken to construct gift baskets that resemble hot air balloons. Inside, an assortment of tasty edibles await, including common picnic items or sweet treats.

To prepare a Discover Iowa gift basket, you may entertain the thought of exploring some of the historical and celebrity aspects of the state. Well-known buffalo hunter, entertainer, and Pony Express rider, Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody) was born near Le Claire in 1846. A skilled gift basket creator can look beyond the buffalos and horses to create an entertaining sideshow basket for all ages.

Former legendary late-night talk show host, Johnny Carson was born in Corning. A commemorative gift basket featuring DVD’s of past shows and appearances would bring delight to any diehard fan. To tap into the younger generation, a preteen might go bananas over an Aston Kutcher-inspired gift basket with DVD’s showcasing his popular, Punk’d reality show or the contagious That 70s Show reruns, accompanied by common movie theater snacks. Kutcher is a Cedar Rapids native. Another Cedar Rapids hometown hero is Elijah Wood, who could inspire an endless promotional gift basket selection for Lord of the Rings fans.

Additional ideas include a Superman-inspired gift basket to pay homage to the 1950s actor, George Reeves who first took on the role, and a super-clean arrangement of detergents, fabric softeners, lint brushes, and a iron (perfect for an incoming college freshman) in honor of former Laurel, Iowa resident, Frederick Maytag, who had a hand in some of the most well-known home appliances in the world.

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