Romantic Destinations in Iowa

When you first think of romance, Iowa might not come to mind. In truth, romantic destinations in Iowa are excellent and show you a beautiful hidden side of this underappreciated state.

Romantic Destinations in Iowa

The Hawkeye State, Iowa, holds much more beauty than a lot of travelers give it credit for. There are ten different travel areas for tourists to explore when they come to this state, from the Northwest area (where you can follow the path of historic explorers Louis and Clark) to the Southeast area that boasts of containing the world’s “crookedest” street. Lovers will also find much to do here, such as solitary hiking and just holing up in a room and enjoying each other’s company – romantic destinations in Iowa are enjoyable for everyone!

Romantic Destinations

Pines on the Prairie Bed and Breakfast is located in Wilton, Iowa, just 30 or so minutes from Davenport and Iowa City, Iowa. This bed and breakfast offers all of the hospitality of a Midwest inn, with the Mississippi River just a small ways outside your door! Located in eastern Iowa, the Pines on the Prairie Bed and Breakfast is convenient to both the Wildcat Den and Palisades Kepler State Parks, which makes it an ideal spot to stay for your outdoor themed trip. This 1910 home, decorated in the “Arts and Crafts” style, is great for seclusion – you are never forced to spend time around other guests unless you want to.

This b & b has just two rooms, which means you will get a level of service that you might not find in larger inns or hotels. The Prairie Room is perfect for couples, with a comfortable queen size bed and its own shower. The Pine Loft is larger (it can accommodate up to six people), but it also includes a claw foot tub as well as other amenities that complete this spacious room. Lovely green plants and a library’s worth of books make this nook of a room one of the most perfect places for romantic destinations in Iowa.

Potter’s Mill bed and breakfast is lodged in Iowa’s oldest grist mill (from 1843). This beautiful inn and restaurant is also a great place to have your next romantic retreat. Located in Bellvue, Iowa, Potter’s Mill offers guests five rooms to choose from, with different themes and motifs in each. Gourmet breakfasts are also included. The atmosphere in this inn is like no other, with the mill theme including exposed beams and other subtle hints to the building’s original purpose. The Potter’s Mill’s restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner.

Spending some quality time with the one you love in picturesque Iowa can be just the thing for any special occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, you can be sure romantic destinations in Iowa will be just the thing.

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