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$100 Laptop and Used Condoms

 Are you gearing up for Valentines Day? It’s only a few months away! Sure, Christimas might empty your wallet but it’s okay, if you’re trying to save some money then just check out these used condoms for sale!

A few months back I decided to share some excellent material from Stuck In Iowa, the ones I’d give a trophy to for being the best of the best. So I am here righting this today to share them with you.

Haha! How funny. But it’s nothing is as bad ass as the ultimate money saving gift: The…$100 Craptop

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Chuck Norris Speak English

It’s confirmed! He does speak English. Proof is in the video, the 2nd one, first one nobody speaks English. That’s why I call this Chuck Norris speaks English. Hahaha, I should become a full time comedian like Polly Shore. Good times. Here are some kickin’ vids I thought you’d enjoy checking out. Some oldies but goodies that’s for sure. I mean, sure sure it’s competing with other awesome stuff but come on, there’s room for more in your life!

Do you speak english?

Chuck Norris Video

You can find more videos like this and really awesome stuff visiting another favorite post of mine.

Traveling for free on the informer highway

 If you’ve ready this post you’re probably dying for more. So then you most likely visited this page and then this one and you’re still lacking in the ultimate night life (because I know you’re reading this on a Friday night). So without further delay, here are some more amazingly hot posts here at Stuck in Iowa!

Wendy’s and free travel tickets

Pull down me pants look up me bot ‘tom

Yeah, that’s good stuff. See you Saturday.

Free software, cowabunga!

 Here are some cool entries in the”so called Stuck in Iowa life”

Free Random Wallpaper Software 

 Cowabunga Bitches!

Now that you’ve seen them you can see more hot stuff here, or even directly here, and then some over there. All on this site! It can’t get any better than that! Except fried candy bars from the Iowa State Fair, but that’s a whole other ball game.

What is cowabunga anyway? Well wikipedia knows all and says this


From kawabonga, bad; a nonsense word spoken by Chief Thunderthud, a character in The Howdy Doody Show, altered to “cowabunga” by Australian surfers and popularized by Bart Simpson of The Simpsons and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, TV, and movie series.



    1. A slang term used when amazed or surprised, often followed by the word man
      Cowabunga, man! Look at that crazy house!

Old Lady Punch Slogan Action

 Are you ready for this? Do you think you can handle this craziness? I mean really, seriously, for realz!? Here are a few posts from Stuck in Iowa that I like. If you’re bored then click the links but please do prepare yourself for the ultimate enjoyment beyond level 10.

Have a slogan

 Old lady punch

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