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IE8: How to remove the ICQ “New Tab” Search

How to remove ICQ from “New Tab” search in Internet Explorer

How do I uninstall the ICQ “New Tab” Search from Internet Explorer 8? It’s easy to remove ICQ from your browser, you need to run an uninstaller. Find out how on the ICQ site.

How to remove ICQ default search in FF

How to remove ICQ default search in FireFox

I installed ICQ 7 the other (ICQ 7.2) and it took over my PC a little. It installed a toolbar for FireFox and Internet Explorer and also set itself as the default search engine. To remove it I went into my control panel, clicked on Programs and Features, removed the ICQ Toolbar. But ICQ was still the default search when I typed something in the address bar (instead of the search bar). So I searched and searched and found the solution here.

To remove ICQ toolbar from FireFox

  1. go to Tools->Addons and find the ICQ Toolbar and uninstall it.

To change the FireFox search back to normal:

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Type about:config in the address bar
  3. Type keyword.URL to find the entry
  4. Change that entry to http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&q= to return to the normal google search. (keyword.URL currently shows http://search.icq.com/search/afe_results.php?ch_id=afex&tb_ver=

You can change the default search URL to anything you want instead of Google. Here’s more info about the FireFox keyword.URL

Hypnosis for quitting smoking

Smoking is hazardous to health. We all know it. However, there are many people who start smoking even after knowing that it is not good for health. It is very easy to start smoking. Anybody from a chain smoker to one who smokes occasionally or just a few cigarettes every day will tell you this. When it comes to quitting smoking, one has to be extra careful and work upon the will power.

Smoking is so widespread and common that some people find it hard to believe that there are actually treatment centers for those who want to give up this vice, just like there are centers for alcohol rehabilitation for alcoholics.

A person can stop smoking for some days. However, the urge of having a fag is so strong that it is very difficult stay away from it. Here, you tend to get back to square one even after you decide to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is a process that has made a great impact on smoking. Most people who have tried it, agree that hypnosis can help quitting smoking.

When quitting smoking, one faces mood swings, lethargy and intense craving that are hard to resist. Hence, when you want to quit smoking, you need to take help of a hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist will help you come out of the blues you experience when quitting smoking.

If you are a chain smoker or smoke occasionally, you can take help of a hypnotherapist to quite smoking. Here, you are able to get into a state of dream where you get a feeling of relaxation from head to toe. When undergoing a hypnotherapy, a person easily responds to suggestions. A hypnotherapy uses several positive suggest that may help a patient to curb his cravings for cigaretters. The reason is that on tends to get relaxed after hypnosis and feels less stress. When you tend to be free of stress, you don’t crave for cigarettes.

There are many people who don’t agree that hypnosis can help quit smoking. They think that during the period of the treatment, the patient is easily able to control his urge to smoke however, the moment the treatment is over, the urge to smoke arises again. However, this has not affected the popularity of hypnotherapy as a solution to quit smoking. You would find many hypnotherapists practicing hypnotherapy for quitting smoking. Iowa and Indiana have maximum number of hypnotherapy clinics.

The most important thing to take care of is that your will power to stay away from the cigarettes need to be combined with hypnotherapy. In short, hypnosis for quitting smoking will only help you if you want to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is not a new concept. It is a state of mind where you tend to take suggestions and advice easily. You are ready to respond to whatever treatment is give to you.

Many people have claimed that hypnosis has worked for them. Hypnotists use several methods to help their clients quit smoking. One of the most popular methods is where they may tell a person to relate smoking cigarettes with an extremely bad smell. They also associate the thoughts of smoking with a positive anti smoking message.

If you want an instant fix to your problem, hypnosis may not help but the therapy can help you cultivate a strong desire to succeed.

About the Author

frank j vanderlugt owns and operates http://www.youwillquit.com You Will Quit

Acne Medicine – A Look into Easy Treatments

You can find many over the counter acne cream products that contains benzoyl peroxide. It can be used in mild to moderate acne. They can be gel or cream and it is applied two to three times daily to the affected area for best result. You must use it consistently up to six weeks before seeing the full effect.

In addition to dissolving the keratin that clogs the pores, benzoyl peroxide in a 10% solution it also prevents new acne from forming. they can make lotions and soaps through this chemical and it’s one of the most popular acne products in the market. Continue reading

How to Pamper a Woman

Women have a lot of things going on these days. They often work, care for the family, and have to juggle so many things into their busy schedule. That’s where you can be her knight in shining armor! Here are some ways how you can pamper your special lady and relieve some of her stress.

Spoil her for an evening

Surprise her with a dinner at home. Send your kids and nanny at the grandparent’s house and have plans for the evening. Prepare a dinner for two in your house, cook her favorite foods and buy her favorite wine. Give also a small gift, a cheap one but can make her smile. Spend the night with a light music. Take her to a sweet dance while your favorite song is being played. But if you really don’t know how to cook, well… you can take her out to her favorite restaurant.

Before going to sleep, make sure that you give her a bubble bath. Put some scented relaxing candles lit on the bathroom. Let her soak in the water, you can join her if you want to. If not, prepare the bedroom and make sure that it is clean and dim lighted. Light some aromatic candles to make it more romantic. Massage her with scented aromatherapy oil while the soft music is going. I’m sure she’ll give you a reward for the effort.

Give her charge of the remote once in awhile

I know it’s not a romantic thing again, but it sure feels good for a woman to have the privilege of holding that remote control and having the say in what you watch together. When a man surrenders the remote, it’s a true sign of humility and respect. She may be so touched by your gesture that she will actually turn to Basketball Channel. Continue reading

How to Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is the most important things that every person should know. Here’s what you need to do so you can have a clean bathroom.

Put the toiletries and all the items in the bathroom in their respective places o they are not scattered all over the bathroom. Close all the cabinets and take out the empty bottles out of the bathroom, especially those that does not belong on the bathroom. Put all the dirty clothes and towels on the hamper. Put on your rubber gloves.

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How To Tie A Tie

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Are you ready for your job interview? Did you know that tying your necktie is one of the important factors in applying for a job? If so, are you sure you tie it correctly? Check this out.

There are four ways to tie your tie; we have Four in hand knot, Bow tie knot, Windsor knot and half Windsor knot. But the most common used tie is the Windsor knot.

Let’s learn how to tie a tie:

  1. Place you neck tie under your collar. Make the right end of the color higher (the narrow one) at least 12 inches from the left (the wider side)
  2. Then, cross the left side going to the right.
  3. Then insert the wide part (left side) going up in the middle between the collar and the tie.
  4. Bring the wide one down in front. Then loop the wide one going to the right until the wide side reaches the front.
  5. From the front, pull the wide side again and loop it.
  6. Then bring the wide side down going to the knot in front.
  7. Make the wide side down and do a knot.
  8. Then lastly, you have to tighten the tie using your both hands going up to your collar.

Now, you’re done and ready to go for your interview. Good luck!

10 Ways to get Drunk for Five Dollars or Less

(this is meant as a joke – don’t take this seriously)

Top 10 Ways to get Drunk for Five Dollars or Less

Number 10. Be a frosh (freshman).

It’s not true that every frosh can be knocked into unconsciousness by waving a tom Collins under their nose, but as those of us who go hunting for frosh on “New Kids night” at the local dance holes know, the phenomena is not rare. Frosh are usually young, inexperienced, and sometimes even illegal to entice into your boudoir. If anyone can get drunk on five bucks, it’s them.

Number 9. Be female.

Chivalry is not dead! While you ladies can’t expect guys to risk their life, or miss an episode of star trek for you, you may still be able to get some alcohol out of them. Try standing around the bar, sipping water with a grimace on your face. Dress smutty. Smile at guys as they walk by, the drunker geekier the better. If you want to get more than one drink out of a guy start talking about how hot it is. Act intoxicated. Become even more friendly. At an appropriate time have a friend come by and “save you”, then move on to the next guy.

Number 8. Try Medication.

Sleeping pills. Allergy pills. If it says “do not take alcohol with this drug” or “do not operate a motorized vehicle while under the influence of this drug”, it must be good! Intelligent students such as ourselves, while not having a shred of pharmaceutical knowledge, can see that these statements are a plot by alcohol producers to keep us buying large quantities of booze.

Number 7. If it ends in ‘ol, drink it!

Alcohol isn’t the only intoxicant ending in ‘ol’. Methanol, Butanol and Propanol are all fine safe intoxicants, often available at bargain prices. Stay away from aerosol, cholesterol, and drool.

Everclear Alcohol

Number 6. Sleep Deprivation and Sickness.

For some reason, your body doesn’t want you to have any fun, and actively fights alcohol -enhancement. When you’re sick, and tired, your body’s defenses are at their lowest. This means its often one of the most cost effective times to get plastered! Best of all, if you puke, you can blame it on the flu.

Number 5. Try Antifreeze

Hey, ten thousand deranged alcoholic street people can’t be wrong!

Drink Antifreeze

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