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Thanks for the Meme-ries

Do you remember when…

This is great. It shows the history of the internet, many of which we have listed on our little ‘ol blog. Personal Favorites (in no particular order, but all gems):

  • The Spirit of Christmas
  • Hampster Dance
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  • O RLY?
  • numa numa
  • Chuck Norris Facts
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Lazy Sunday
  • Hahaha (The Laughing Baby)
  • I can has CHEEZBURGER?
  • Dick In a Box
  • RickRoll
  • Chocolate Rain
  • I Like Turtles
  • Dramatic Chipmunk
  • Spaghetti Cat
  • Ninja Cat

And to wrap it all up, Weezer launches “Pork and Beans” Music Video.  Me luvs the interwebs.

The Benefits of Using eFile

ou struggle for hours reading and re-reading your tax instructions trying to figure out your tax return and then when you do finally file your taxes you sit for weeks on end just waiting for that brown envelope with your tax refund check to come. You think to yourself; There has to be a simpler way.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The benefits of using efile to file your taxes.

Efile is the fastest way to file your taxes and efiling cuts the tax return processing time in about half. So, if you are expecting a tax refund then you can expect your tax refund in about half of the time it would normally take if you filed your taxes by mailing in your tax return. If you are expecting a tax refund you can have your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account by using Direct Deposit. Our tax service also lets you split your tax refund into two different accounts if you choose direct deposit.

The Benefits of Using eFile

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Satellite Internet Coming to Rural Areas

Thousands of households in rural America have yet to transition into the age of high-speed Internet access for a very good reason: no availability of DSL or cable. Because the economics of adding DSL or laying cable in sparsely populated areas doesn’t provide a sufficient return on investment, it could be years before many rural Americans have access to the information superhighway. Increasingly, many stuck on slow dial-up are turning to high speed satellite Internet (similar to satellite TV) as a solution.

Available today from several providers, satellite Internet requires a separate dish antenna mounted at the customer’s home, along with cable running to a satellite modem that connects to a personal computer. Previously this required an upfront investment of hundreds of dollars for home equipment, which also required professional installation. Other drawbacks included reliability issues due to weather related problems, and difficulty in scheduling rapid service calls.

To overcome these challenges, brothers Dwayne & Michael Hay founded SkyWay USA in rural Jackson, Kentucky. For less than $100, the SkyWay USA system can be ordered online, shipped directly to your home, and self-installed in a matter of hours. Coupled with an entry-level service fee of $29.95/month, SkyWay USA touts itself as rural America’s low-cost satellite Internet provider.

Old Barn

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