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Romantic Destinations in Iowa

When you first think of romance, Iowa might not come to mind. In truth, romantic destinations in Iowa are excellent and show you a beautiful hidden side of this underappreciated state.

Romantic Destinations in Iowa

The Hawkeye State, Iowa, holds much more beauty than a lot of travelers give it credit for. There are ten different travel areas for tourists to explore when they come to this state, from the Northwest area (where you can follow the path of historic explorers Louis and Clark) to the Southeast area that boasts of containing the world’s “crookedest” street. Lovers will also find much to do here, such as solitary hiking and just holing up in a room and enjoying each other’s company – romantic destinations in Iowa are enjoyable for everyone!

Romantic Destinations

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50 Fabulous Places to Retire in America

Retirement has its joys and pains, but if you’re ready and equipped for it, retirement should be your chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do and live in a town you’ve always wanted to be in. It you’re getting ready to retire, here is a list of the 50 most fabulous places to retire in America in no particular order:

1 to 8. Alabama has not one, not two but eight fabulous places to retire in America – Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan and Decatur offer the best of ‘Bama.

9 to 10. California is fabulous in many ways, thanks to lots of sun, beaches and plenty of things to do; all these things and more that you can do in San Diego and Paso Robles.

11 to 13. When people think of retirement, Florida is never far from their mind. So if you want to find a fabulous place for retirement, go Gainesville, Tallahassee or Sarasota.

14 to 17. Washington has Spokane, Lexington and Walla Walla, three fabulous places to retire in. Spokane is a large city for retirees but it sure offers plenty in terms of affordability. Lexington is gaining popularity and Walla Walla was voted one of the best places for retirees in 2006, so there’s your cue. Don’t forget Bellingham, a nature lover’s dream place.

18. Portsmouth in New Hampshire has the honor of being one of the 10 places in America that’s considered safest, so consider retiring here.

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Cedar Rapids Iowa

Cedar Rapids is a city in Linn County, Iowa. Cedar Rapids, which had a population of 120,758 as of the 2000 census, is currently the second most populous city in the state of Iowa, after Des Moines. Cedar Rapids is part of a combined urban area with Iowa City, which lies just to the South. The area was a whole is generally referred to, by locals, as the “Corridor”, and the combined population of the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor is 360,326.

Here is some more information about the area:

- Some of the major companies headquartered in Cedar Rapids include McLeodUSA and Rockwell Collins.

- The main airport serving Cedar Rapids is The Eastern Iowa Airport.

- The main professional sports team in Cedar Rapids is the baseball team, the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

- Cedar Rapids is only one of a handful of cities in the world with its municipal buildings located on island in the river. In the case of Cedar Rapids, city hall and the county courthouse are located on Mays Island, an island in the middle of the Cedar River.

Cedar Rapids Iowa

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Home Value Trends in Iowa

Don’t give too much credence to the various doom and gloom predictions of the last year or two about the United State’s real estate market. Home value prices aren’t drastically dropping, the market isn’t crashing and the housing bubble isn’t bursting. It’s simply coming down and leveling out from an uncharacteristic boom of the last decade or so. Besides, knowing what the national medial home value is won’t help you find the perfect new home and area for yourself.

Home Value Trends in Iowa

Real estate is an investment, so it’s important to invest somewhere your home is bound to gain value over the years. To do so, you have to examine the specific area you may be investing in. Take a look as past home value and sales trends. Then look at that area’s economy, population changes, job opportunities, unemployment rates and the attractions the area offers. A strong combination of these factors will almost always indicate the potential for large home value appreciation over the years.

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Iowa City One Year Later

One year after the tornado ripped through Iowa City, things have gotten back to near-normal. In the next week or so, I’ll be traveling around town, snapping shots of local stuff that has still been effected by this. Call it heart-warming if you will, but I like closure.

Edit – It’s been raining like mad out here for what seems like the last week. Once it dries up, photos will be taken…

Edit – Umm…. I’m lazy. And busy. I will take pics. I promise. Hopefully before the 2nd year anniversary.

Iowa City Tornado of 2006

Iowa City Tornado Burlington Street
Burlington Street residents watch from above as Iowa City firefighters cut a downed street light on Thursday night, Apr. 13, 2006.
Ben Roberts/The Daily IowanIowa City Tornado
A crowd gathers around an overturned car on Clinton Street near Burlington Street on Thursday night.
Nick Loomis/The Daily Iowan


Iowa City Tornado Johnson County Sheriff Department
Deputy Hynes with the Johnson County Sheriff Department instructs pedestrians to keep clear of a suspected gas leak in the Ped Mall on Thursday night.
Nick Loomis/The Daily Iowan

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Iowa Hawkeye Football Recap

Here’s a recap of the season. Where the Iowa Hawkeyes have played, their wins and losses, and links to more information about the games.

Day Date Opponent Location
Sat 09/03/05 Ball State Iowa City, IA
(Varsity Club Day)
W, 56-0
Recap | Box Score | Quotes | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Sat 09/10/05 Iowa State Ames, IA
(Hy-Vee Cy-Hawk Series)
L, 23-3
Recap | Final Stats | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 09/17/05 Northern Iowa Iowa City, IA W, 45-21
Recap | Box Score | Quotes | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 09/24/05 Ohio State Columbus, OH L, 31-6
Recap | Box Score | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 10/01/05 Illinois Iowa City, IA
W, 35-7
Recap | Box Score | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 10/08/05 Purdue West Lafayette, IN W, 34-17
Recap | Box Score | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 10/15/05 Indiana Iowa City, IA
(Family Weekend)
W, 38-21
Recap | Box Score | Quotes | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 10/22/05 Michigan Iowa City, IA L, 23-20 (OT)
Recap | Final Stats | Quotes | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 11/05/05 Northwestern Evanston, IL L, 28-27
Recap | Box Score | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Sat 11/12/05 Wisconsin Madison, WI W, 20-10
Recap | Final Stats | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Sat 11/19/05 Minnesota Iowa City, IA W, 52-28
Recap | Box Score | Quotes | Notes | Photo Gallery |
Listen | Gametracker
Mon 01/02/06 Florida Tampa, FL
(Outback Bowl)
10:00 AM

Iowa Holds Off Indiana 38-21

Iowa Hawkeyes kicked ass once again at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, IA
Read all about it at HawkeyeSports.com. Here are some quotes from the coaches.

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz:
“Our guys competed, they played hard. Especially the corners, they had a tough match-up because we all know they aren’t the tallest group.

(On Albert Young) He is really playing good football, very versatile player, and very unselfish player.

They came in here expecting to win and they should with them having a better record. They are a very good football team.

(On the Indiana Offense) It’s just one of those days where everything was working, they were hummin’ and moving the ball right along.

(On the Iowa running game) We did better in the fourth quarter, we kept at it and stuck with it. Wh

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2005 Iowa Hawkeyes Football Schedule

2005 Schedule for Iowa Hawkeyes Football

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Iowa Hawkeyes Football

Day Date Opponent Location
Sat 09/03/05 vs. Ball State at Iowa City, IA (Varsity Club Day)
Sat 09/10/05 vs. Iowa State at Ames, IA (Hy-Vee Cy-Hawk Series)
Sat 09/17/05 vs. Northern Iowa at Iowa City, IA
Sat 09/24/05 vs. Ohio State at Columbus, OH
Sat 10/01/05 vs. Illinois at Iowa City, IA (Homecoming)
Sat 10/08/05 vs. Purdue at West Lafayette, IN
Sat 10/15/05 vs. Indiana at Iowa City, IA (Family Weekend)
Sat 10/22/05 vs. Michigan at Iowa City, IA
Sat 11/05/05 vs. Northwestern at Evanston, IL
Sat 11/12/05 vs. Wisconsin at Madison, WI
Sat 11/19/05 vs. Minnesota at Iowa City, IA

Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Northern Iowa: Win!

When: Sat – 09/17/05
Who: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Northern Iowa
Where: Iowa City, IA
Television: ESPN Plus/ESPNU

Result: Iowa 45, Northern Iowa 21

Read the game recap here

Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Northern Iowa game quotes. The following is from HawkeyeFootball.com

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz:

“We showed some improvement today but also showed there is still some improvement needed.

He looked like the old Drew Tate today.

We’re very much still in the developmental stage as a football team. We’re going to have to make a lot of improvement this week.

(On the Ohio State Game) We definitely have our work cut out for us. Over three games we have not showed the consistency we need to have.

(On Damian Sims) Basically his heart’s not into playing defense and you certainly need that to be successful.

(On the run game) It’s going to be real important for us throughout the whole season.”

Northern Iowa Coach Mark Farley:

“I was pleased with our second half offense. Our offense moved the ball against a very good defense. We protected the quarterback well and our receivers caught the ball. Except for the fumbles, I thought our offense did a very good job.

(On the defensive side) it was a combination of what their offense did and what our defense didn’t, or wasn’t able to do. We couldn’t stop the run and that paved the way for their play action.

The reality is we played a very good football team, fell behind, and then came back to our game plan. We know what kind of football team we have now. Defensively, there were a couple of breakdowns for us. But Drew Tate is a good, smart quarterback. He did a good job of seeing what was going to happen when he came to the line of scrimmage.

There’s a lot we can build on offensively, and a lot we can learn from film on defense.”

Visit the Iowa Hawkeye Football site for more Hawkeye news and stats!

Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Iowa State Cyclones: Loss

When: Sat – 09/10/05
Who: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Iowa State Cyclones
Where: Ames, IA (Hy-Vee Cy-Hawk Series)
Television: ABC

Result: Iowa State 23, Iowa 3

Read the game recap here

The following is from HawkeyeFootball.com

“Iowa won the toss and elected to receive. The Hawkeyes have started on offense in 65 of their last 69 games. Iowa has started on offense in 67-of-75 contests under Kirk Ferentz.

QB Drew Tate was 5-11 for 57 yards in the first half before leaving the game, leaving his career total at 2,997 passing yards.

Albert Young’s 36-yard run on his first carry of the game is a career best. Young had a 31-yard run in the opening win over Ball State. Young had 18 carries for 140 yards for the best rushing total of his career. Young’s previous best game was 87 yards in the 2004 season opener vs. Kent State.

PK Kyle Schlicher was successful on his first field goal attempt of the season, a 44-yarder in the third quarter. Schlicher scored eight points in Iowa’s opening win, making all of his PAT attempts. Schlicher is now 22-27 in career field goals, including 4-8 from outside 40 yards.

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