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Getting Drizzunk Yo!

This is one of my favorite posts. If you haven’t seen it YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

10 Ways to get Drunk for Five Dollars or Less

A cool proverb site

If you’re looking for some cool proverbs if you’re bored, check out Doing Fine .org. It has some proverbs + some explanations of what they mean. There’s some Asian, European, American, and other foreign sayings apparently translated into English. At first I thought they were inspirational and cool, but some are pretty messed up in my opinion. My favorites are the Japanese and Chinese proverbs.

Having Debt Sucks

Has the previous Christmas got you down because you are now in debt up to your ears? Sometimes the solution may be right in front of your eyes and you may not even see it. Start by sorting out all of your statements and bills. This way you’ve got all the information at hand and can make the most informed decisions. It’s a good idea to add up all of the credit card debt you have if you owe to multiple providers… and if you have a high APR on some cards, you should transfer that balance to the best credit cards you have, or look into getting some low to 0% APR like chase credit cards or citi credit cards.

Having Debt Sucks

Sometimes a personal loan can help you arrange handle the over whelming credit card debt. For the future you should make a budget and stick to it! Also… start a savings account for the next Christmas so you don’t have to go into so much debt.