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$100 Laptop and Used Condoms

 Are you gearing up for Valentines Day? It’s only a few months away! Sure, Christimas might empty your wallet but it’s okay, if you’re trying to save some money then just check out these used condoms for sale!

A few months back I decided to share some excellent material from Stuck In Iowa, the ones I’d give a trophy to for being the best of the best. So I am here righting this today to share them with you.

Haha! How funny. But it’s nothing is as bad ass as the ultimate money saving gift: The…$100 Craptop

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Dating Tips

Need help on the dating department?

There’s no doubt about it. Men and women are created not equal. It is known by men, and yet they still continue using the same powerless ways to hook women. What’s is more incredible is that they are amazed when those ways don’t work out. So, just what are those inequally and how do they cause the way that men and women interact?

dating tips at stuck in iowa

You can start learning more about this at Karen’s Diary which is full of online dating tips that may interest you. Learn about the g-spot, learn how to date older women, dating and relationship advice, and how to overcome the fear of rejection. Check it out!