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Getting out of Iowa for New Years

What are you doing for New Years? If you want to do some traveling, you should considering visiting the Philippines… especially after reading the oh so delicious Ox Tail recipe. It’s not that crazy compared to other street food in the Philippines. If you do go, you should visit Baguio in the Philippines. It’s a prime vacation spot. Or you could just say “F that noise!” and head up the Minnesota… NinjaStyle. No matter what you do, have fun this New Years!

Ninjas Rob a Convenience Store

I should have posted this a long time ago:

Ninjas rob a local convenience store

The article doesn’t say that they dropped from the ceiling, threw a bunch of throwing stars, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.  Not really.  They were idiots with guns.  Ninjas don’t have guns.  Haven’t they ever seen real ninja movies, like American Ninja 1-5 and Beverly Hills Ninja?  Ameteurs.

Those bitches try to rob me, I’m going to fight them off with 10 different kitchen implements.