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Lazer Eye Damage

A techno concert in Russia left a lot of people screwed for life.

More than 30 audience members at the Akvamarin festival of techno music outside Kirzhach, Vladimir Region, on July 6 may have received permanent injuries at the event

At least now I feel better for never letting people use those laser pointers near my eyes. I’ve seen sci fi movies, lasers + body parts = not good. Who ever

Some of the patients have lost up to 80 percent of their vision and doctors do not expect to be able to restore their sight.

Even worse is they may not find the people responsible for the eye damage. Why would somebody point lasers at the crowd anyway?  It should be going over peoples heads, not hitting you in the face.

Users of psychotrance.ru report that their cameras and video recorders were damaged. Moscow police say it will be difficult to find the organizers of the concert, Cosmic Connection promotional company.

Lazer Eye
photo by Lan Bui