Why Wendy’s will take me to anywhere in the continental US

So, if you didn’t know this, Wendy’s has this little thing going on that if you collect coupons off the cups (medium or Biggie sizes only), you can get free Airtran tickets. So, most times like this, you’d think that you’d have to collect 150 for one ticket, but not at Wendy’s. All you need is 64 for a round trip ticket. That’s it.

Now, I have been collecting these the right way. Almost everyone I have spoken to said I should give $50 to some 16 year old to steal me some cups. But I didn’t. I have eaten at Wendy’s almost every day since the beginning of November. Ugh. Not that it’s bad. Just like if I had drank that many Diet Mt. Dews it would have killed me, eating at Wendy’s that much may kill me. But at least I don’t eat the fries. Did you ever check out “The Smoking Fry” special feature on the movie Super Size Me? The moral of the story… don’t eat fries. Ever. If only I had a camera to document my Wendy’s quest…

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